Upset by the News

You may be upset by the news. That is okay! Stories in the news can make you feel sad, angry, or scared. No matter what you are feeling, your feelings are okay!

The reason a story is in the news is because it is unusual. The events in the news do not happen very often. So, if a story is upsetting, remember that it is very unlikely that it can happen near you.

The News-O-Matic team has talked to experts about these upsetting feelings. The experts shared the following tips:

Talk to your parents

Tell them if you are worried or upset. Ask them any questions you may have. Moms and dads have a special way to make you feel better.

Talk to your friends

You may learn that other people your age have the same feelings.

Talk to your teachers

Your teacher may want to talk about the story in a class. A class discussion may also help your classmates.

Draw a picture

You can use the drawing tool in the News Room. You can also use pencil and paper. Drawing a picture can help you let go of upset feelings.

Write a story

Write about how you feel. Write any questions you may have. You can keep your story private, or you can read it to someone.

Get the facts

Wrong information can spread upset feelings. News-O-Matic will always tell you the facts of a news story. Ask an adult if you want to know more facts.

Play or exercise

Playing can help you calm down. Go for a run or ride a bike. Blow bubbles.

Read some good news

Read a happy story or a book you love. Balance an upsetting news article with a happy story.

Do something to help!

People often work together to help after a tragedy. Tap the “Act” button in an article or ask an adult to see how you can help.