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News-O-Matic EDU is an educational daily news experience for elementary and middle school students. It is available on any type of device, including web-based computers and mobile devices (iOS, Android, and Kindle). News-O-Matic covers the latest current events in an innovative and kid-friendly way. By explaining world events in a language kids can understand, News-O-Matic inspires children to become habitual readers of the news and well-informed global citizens. A new edition is published every Monday through Friday afternoon, 52 weeks a year.

News-O-Matic's content is entirely original, safe, and age-appropriate, with every article reviewed by our child psychologist. The app is 100% ad-free and aligned with the Standards. As a teacher, you can be sure that our content correlates with what your students are learning in your classroom. News-O-Matic is an excellent resource for home-reading assignments as well.

News-O-Matic is active! Children can explore the latest current events and have a voice to express their views! They can interact with the Editor-in-Chief by asking questions, rating stories, drawing pictures, or expressing opinions in the “News Room” section of the app.

Once a teacher is registered and has created his/her own classroom, that teacher will have access to many more features:

  • Assess students' reading & comprehension with daily questions
  • Customize questions for individual students or the entire class
  • Modify Lexile reading level
  • Access live chat within the classroom

Register to create and manage your own class. Register each of your students individually.

Thank you for joining the adventure of News-O-Matic. We hope your class enjoys the experience!

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News-O-Matic is published by Press4Kids, Inc.

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The News-O-Matic Team


Russell Kahn is an award-winning author of educational books, including aids for aspiring teachers and student guides to the Common Core State Standards. He managed and edited nonfiction titles on topics ranging from ballet to the U.S. presidential elections. He studied Print Journalism at Boston University and Elementary Education at Montclair State University.

Graphic Designer

Gillian Stern has been involved with art her whole life. She graduated from Robert Morris in the Pittsburgh area with a BFA in Graphic Design. Previous experiences involve Web Design and Usability. She always liked working with kids and art so has finally found her niche with Press4Kids.


Liz Lane earned a B.A. in Journalism from the University of Maryland. There she focused on Government and Politics as both a writer and editor. Her work has been published in National Geographic Kids and Baltimore magazine.

Assistant Editor

Stephanie Santana has a Bachelor's degree in anthropology and magazine journalism from Boston University. Upon completing her studies, she lived in Korea for two years to teach English to elementary students. She has experience writing for publications in Argentina and Kenya and for local weeklies in the United States. She likes to use her experience in education and travel to help deliver worldly, engaging stories to News-O-Matic readers.

Child Psychologist

Phyllis Ohr is the Assistant Director of the Clinical Psychology Doctoral Program and a Tenured Faculty Member, Department of Psychology, at Hofstra University. She is also the Director of the Child and Parent Psychological Services Clinic at Hofstra and a Mental Health Consultant of the Leadership Training Institute in Hempstead, New York.