Sugar Fest Fashionistas
It’s the world’s largest chocolate event. The Salon du Chocolat has sweets, contests, and fashion shows. Models strutted the catwalk — or should we say choc-walk — in Paris, France. They wore wild outfits inspired by chocolate. One model looked like a coco-covered mermaid!

Sweet Space
Our universe is choc full of stars. Neutron stars are the smallest. But they are also heavier than our Sun! Scientists just discovered something new about the structure of these stars. Experts say they act like chocolates with different fillings. Lighter neutron stars have a soft outside and stiff inside. They are like chocolates with a hazelnut in the middle. Heavy stars are like chocolates with a hard outer layer and soft filling!

Candied Soccer Star!
It’s carnival time in Cologne, Germany! There are parties, parades, and more. One big tradition is to dress up in costumes. The Cologne women’s soccer team, FC Köln, got in the spirit for practice. Mandy Islacker dressed up as a chocolate bar!

Updated November 17, 2022, 5:00 P.M. (ET)
By Alexa Tirapelli