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Are you human?
Cleetus the Farmer
I am human, Cleetus! Are you a farmer? 😉
Russell Kahn
Hey Russ, are you a human or robot I would like to know! 💜
Yes, I am a human, Ellie! 🧍🏻‍♂️
Russell Kahn
I LOVE News-O-Matic it helps me learn a lot. In fact I read it every DAY!
That is the BEST news I could ever hear, Michel! It makes me SO happy to know that you're reading our stories each day. If you keep reading, you'll be a genius! 🧠
Russell Kahn
Hey Russ or someone else!!!! I saw the MrBeast article and I’m so happy! I’m a big fan of MrBeast, great job on it! Also what’s your favorite soccer team in the World Cup? Mine’s USA or Portugal! Cristiano Ronaldo fan here. Anyways, Happy Thanksgiving as well as early Christmas! 🎄🎄🎄🎄😅
Thanks for your kind words about "The New YouTube King" article. I had a feeling that it would be popular! 😉 I am rooting for Team USA. But if the Americans don't win, I would like to see France or Argentina take home the World Cup. It will be exciting either way! Happy holidays to you as well, Adelyn. Take care!
Russell Kahn
Dear Russ, I am very thankful how you made this game and I already love it! Thank you Russ!
Thank YOU, Chit! I am thankful to readers like you. And I hope you always love your time with News-O-Matic!
Russell Kahn
My friends and I like the MrBeast article!
Karrina Cactus🌵
I'm so glad to hear that! Thanks for letting me know what story you like. It helps us decide what articles to write in the future!
Russell Kahn
Hi Russ what are ya doing? I am trying to get smarter and study extra hard. I really want to pass my test tomorrow. Will you wish me luck please? Your friend,
Good luck to you, Emilie! Although if you are studying extra hard and trying to get smart, you won't need any luck! Keep up the great work, and I hope you get an A!
Russell Kahn
Hi Russ, I really like the News-O-Matic app. I'm getting excited even writing this post to you. It helps us a lot in our lessons. By the way, I am writing from Turkey. We love you very much as a class.
This was such a wonderful message to get, Beyza! Thank you for your kind words, and for being a NOM reader! Have a wonderful day. 😊
Russell Kahn
Do you like the cat that is super-old?
Yes, I think Flossie is so cute! It is awesome that she has had such a long life. 😻
Russell Kahn
The "Good Night Moon" news was great!!!!!!!!
I am so happy you enjoyed that article, Carter! Ashley did a great job writing it.
Russell Kahn
How are you Russ? I am good. Who is your favorite soccer player? Mine is Lionel Messi. I hope you have a good day!!!!!
I don't have one favorite player. But I do love watching soccer. The players are so impressive!
Russell Kahn
Hi Russ, I just want you to know that News-O-Matic is the best :). I like it a lot. I have so much fun learning about different stuff. Thanks making this website. It's now part of my daily day.
Hi this is a fun app RUSS!!! I really enjoyed the "Get Pumped for the Parade" article. It did get me pumped!
YES! That's what the story was supposed to do! 😊 Am so glad you enjoyed learning about the Thanksgiving Day Parade, Noelle. I hope you always have fun with News-O-Matic!
Russell Kahn
Do like Ronaldo? I really like Ronaldo. Ronaldo is my favorite soccer player. How about you? Please respond to me.
I like Cristiano Ronaldo too, Austin! He is not my favorite, though. I enjoy watching Lionel Messi more. But no one can deny the incredible talent of Ronaldo. He is one of the best to ever play soccer! ⚽️ ⚽️
Russell Kahn
Thank YOU, Andrew! We loved getting your notes and drawings in the News Room. And you helped bring our Thanksgiving article to life! I hope you had a wonderful holiday.
Russell Kahn
Hi Russ! My name is Caitlin! But people call me Kay! I loved your instructional article on how to make a turkey out of food! I enjoyed it as a Thanksgiving snack! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving, Russ!
That's so cool that you liked that story, Kay! I always enjoy our craft articles as well. Thanks for telling us about this, and I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving too.
Russell Kahn
Hi there! My name is Lily, and I am an enrolled citizen of the Chick’asha Nation (Chickasaw)! We celebrated Indigenous Peoples month in my household! Not only were there Navajo code talkers, there were Cherokee and Choctaw ones too! 🪶
That is amazing, Lily! Thank you for sharing your story. I hope you had (and are still having) a wonderful Native American Heritage Month. Maybe next year you can help us write a new article about it!
Russell Kahn
Hi Russ! I agree that toilets are very important for people’s health and that without safe toilets, life is both dirty and even dangerous! It makes me worried that so many people don’t have safe toilets.
Thanks for sharing your feelings about our "World Toilet Day" article, Cerena. You're right that toilets are very important. That's why we all need to work to make sure people have access to clean and safe toilets! 🚽
Russell Kahn
Hi Russ! I hope you can show the news about the Thanksgiving Day Parade this year! I love your content too!
We will, Nolan! Stay tuned to learn about the big parade. Happy Thanksgiving!
Russell Kahn
I loved the Taylor swift article.
I'm happy to hear that, Mackenzie! I'm a big Taylor Swift fan myself, so I enjoyed writing about her awards. 😊
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