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What is paper made of?
Paper is often made of wood fibers from trees. You can read more about this in the article "Word of the Week: Paper"!
Russell Kahn
AAAAAAAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! TAYLOR SWIFT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I want to be her someday. (So that basically means l want to be a singer.)
Being a singer is a great goal to have, Ella! Make sure to practice, practice, practice!
Russell Kahn
Hi Russ, can you please make an article for March Madness?
Yes, Caleb! We will update you about March Madness soon!
Russell Kahn
Hi Russ, what time do you release your articles for everyone to see? Because I love NOM and I wanna be the first one to read your articles.
We publish five new articles each weekday at 5 P.M. (ET), Ava!
Russell Kahn
Dear, Russ. I wonder if you can find any articles on woman's basketball because me and my sister really love basketball and my brother plays it. I really hope you can.
Thank you for telling me what articles are important to you, Kennedi. We have a special story coming out this week all about women's basketball. I hope you love it -- and your brother and sister too!
Russell Kahn
I love the Venus story!. Thank you for putting such an inspiring story.
You are very welcome, Axel. I enjoyed learning about Venus and speaking to the experts who study it. This weekend I spent time staring at Venus in the sky and imagined volcanoes erupting on its surface! πŸŒ‹
Russell Kahn
TAYLOR SWIFT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I want to go to Swift City!!!!! Do you want to Russ?
Ha, yes, Sherri. I would love to visit Swift City! And it would be amazing to attend a Taylor Swift concert!
Russell Kahn
Hi Russ. I love March Madness. I have a question for you. Who do you think will win the men’s March Madness? PS Can you please answer this soon? Thanks.
March is a fun time for sports, that's for sure. I know that Purdue will NOT win the men's tournament! I will guess Houston for the men and South Carolina for the women. We will see! πŸ€
Russell Kahn
Russ, do you like or love your job? I know that you already like your job. This year, I have a mission. Find cute hairstyles that I like. Yesterday, I found 2 at once!
Are you kidding, Betsy? I LOVE my job! I get to learn all about the world every day. It's so much fun! Your mission seems cool. Good luck finding new hairdos! πŸ‘¨β€πŸŽ€
Russell Kahn
Hi Russ! This is Adam. I am a BIG fan of roller coasters. I was wondering if you can make some more articles about roller coasters. If you can that would be a pleasure. Please respond.
I love roller coasters too, Adam! The News-O-Matic team will keep an eye out for news about roller coasters.
Russell Kahn
Hello Russ, I love Wacky Week. Please add more.
We post Wacky Week articles once a week β€” on Thursdays at 5 PM EST! You can also search for old Wacky Week articles. Just use the search bar!
Russell Kahn
I really liked "Bouncing into March Madness." Can you keep up the work? 😁😁😁
I'm so happy to hear that, Belfast! We will keep you updated on March Madness updates. We are coming out with a basketball craft too!
Russell Kahn
Hi Russ! I liked the article about the cherry blossoms! It looked so fun! 😁😁😁
I'm glad you enjoyed it, Nova! I love cherry blossom trees. They are so beautiful!
Russell Kahn
HI Russ! Do you like to read? What's your favorite book?
I LOVE to read, Emily! One of my favorite books has always been "Hope for the Flowers" by Trina Paulus. You can read all about it in the News-O-Matic article, "Books We Love: Hope for the Flowers".
Russell Kahn
Hi my name is Tatum and I love all your articles. They are very fun to read and look at the pictures. Thank you. 🐼
Thank YOU, Tatum. I really appreciate your kind words. I hope you love all the articles coming up in our next edition. There are some fun stories coming up!
Russell Kahn
Hi Russ. I liked that article on cheese some time ago. I love cheese. It is my favorite food.
I love cheese too, Sophie. And I really enjoyed getting to write the article about the championship cheese contest. Be sure to see the video for that story. It includes my interview with the champion cheesemaker!
Russell Kahn
Hi Russ! I live in Japan, so when you guys posted news about Japan, i was soo happy! A lot of Japanese people make this dish called β€œhanami bentu” and eat it while checking out the cherry blossoms. You guys should also come to Japan, and check the beautiful cherry blossoms. We’ll be waiting for you guys!
Thank you so much for telling me more about the cherry blossoms in Japan! I hope to someday see the flowers bloom there. Maybe I can enjoy some hanami bento!
Russell Kahn
Hey Russ, have you read Wonder? It's a GREAT book. And if you haven't you should read it.
Yes, Finnley, I HAVE read the book "Wonder." And I agree with you. It is a fantastic story! News-O-Matic once interviewed the author. You can read about that by searching by the author's name, R.J. Palacio!
Russell Kahn
It was really cool that Jennifer Keelan had all that GRIT!
I agree, Harper! I think she was so brave to take part in the Capitol Crawl at age 8. Did you see her in the Video? Wow! She is so strong! πŸ’ͺ
Russell Kahn
Hi Russ! It is so cool to be talking to you. I always wonder where do you get such great ideas for your articles. Also do you have any articles about women's soccer? I love soccer so it would be cool to learn more.🫠🫠🫠
It is cool talking to YOU, Ali. I get the story ideas from lots of places. That includes other news sites, friends, and even News-O-Matic readers! You can suggest a story idea in the News Room. It helps us decide what types of articles to write about! (Also, we have written MANY articles on women's soccer! We recently covered the SheBelieves Cup.)
Russell Kahn

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