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Hey there Russ. I just read your article about how France and the U.S collaborated together and how American soldiers came to France and what happened in their journey and how France and America fought together. I also thought it was cool that you added that two students said things that they learned. I thought they had a good description on what they learned. Overall, I thought the whole entire article was very cool, and I learned a lot.
Isla P
That's great to hear, Isla! I also thought those two French students did a wonderful job of sharing their experience. I'm so happy to hear that you learned a lot from the article! πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ πŸ‡«πŸ‡·
Russell Kahn
What is your job? Is it to respond to kids' chats?! Make new articles? Work on News-O-Matic all the time? I know you don't get my notes all the time but thank you anyways! :)
My job involved ALL those tasks, Sandra! I work on News-O-Matic full time and always make new articles. But it's also so important that I respond to notes from readers like you. So, thank you for sending your message!
Russell Kahn
Dear Russ, we need NBA articles PLEASE.
Edmund, thank you for sharing what you'd like to see on News-O-Matic! I promise, an article about the NBA finals is coming VERY soon! πŸ€
Russell Kahn
My class and I get to go see Inside Out 2. I can't wait!!!!!
That sounds like a lot of fun, Gemma! Maybe you can write a review about the movie! Just write down the parts you like and the parts that you don't think work as well in the movie. Enjoy!
Russell Kahn
Hi, Russ!! I just joined a few months ago, and I was wondering if you have ever wrote something about Hawaii. If so, can you write more whenever you can, please? <33 From,
Hi, Giavanna! Welcome to News-O-Matic! There are many articles about Hawaii. You can find them by using the Search button. I will also keep my eye out for more news stories about Hawaii. Did you know the state may have an official gesture soon? It's called the shaka. πŸ€™
Russell Kahn
It's a great idea to write about bugs. A lot of people think bugs are yucky, but they're not. They're just a part of the Earth.
I agree, Sofia! Bugs might be a little scary for some people, and that's ok. But they're also super important for the planet. It's a good to learn about them and protect them! πŸžπŸ›
Russell Kahn
Hi, Russ. Your stories are very fun -- just like the cyber truck one and the Mas+ one.
Hi, William! I'm glad you enjoy reading articles on News-O-Matic. It sounds like stories about businesses are some of your favorites. What do you like about those topics?
Russell Kahn
Dear Russ: I want to know about trends about the economics and finance trends in the U.S. Also, do you know about Apple Intelligence? It's really fascinating. I wish I could have one.
Hi! It sounds like you would enjoy many of News-O-Matic's economics articles! You can also keep an eye out for Month in the Markets at the end of every month to learn about the stock market. And yes, I do know about Apple Intelligence. You can read about it in the article "Apple Amps Up AI"!
Russell Kahn
Dear Russ, I'm new to News-O-Matic. My name is Catharine. I hope this website has some things about nature and water. Thanks for opening this app by the way! ( .-.) I also like to read too!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Dear Catharine, welcome to News-O-Matic!! I'm glad you're here to read. You can absolutely find articles about nature and water! Try using the search button. ⸜( Λ™Λ˜Λ™)⸝
Russell Kahn
The new Messi Drink is so cool! It almost looks like Prime because of the packaging is so similar.
I'm glad you enjoyed reading the article about Messi's new sports drink! And I can see similarities in the wrappers. They both have big letters across mostly solid-colored packaging. Do you think those similarities will help the companies make more money, or do you think it creates a problem to sell drinks?
Russell Kahn
Dear Russ, could you tell Ashley Morgan I appreciate her articles? I mean, I really find interest in many that she writes and I am always ready to read more! Thank you, Russ!!! From:
Layla, I shared your message with Ashley! She is really grateful for your kind words!!! (And I agree that she's a terrific writer.) Thank you for sharing such an encouraging message!
Russell Kahn
Russ, how many articles have you published since you started News-O-Matic?
Well, Yiming, News-O-Matic published our 3,026th edition on June 14, 2024. Every edition contains 5 articles. So, there have been 15,130 articles in News-O-Matic since it began!
Russell Kahn
Hey, Russ. Happy Flag Day! Anyways l was wondering if there were some interesting and exciting new articles l can read.
Hey, Zoey! Happy Flag Day to you too! Did you do anything to celebrate the U.S. holiday on June 14? Also, of course there are interesting and exciting articles for you to read! Every weekday you can find 5 new articles on News-O-Matic! πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ
Russell Kahn
Hi, Russ. I like the news. It is very interesting and funny, but the one about flamethrowers is just awesome.
Hi, Jde. The story about Thermonater, the flame-throwing robot dog, was pretty intense. It's a cool invention. I bet the people who use it have to be very careful!
Russell Kahn
Hey, Russ. You write a lot about sports, but could you write more about gymnastics? Please!!!
Hey, Jonathan! I love sharing stories about all kinds of sports, including gymnastics! Have you read News-O-Matic's recent article "Biles Takes Another Title!"? That article talks about the results of the 2024 U.S. Gymnastics Championship.
Russell Kahn
Hey, Russ. I liked the article about a Day for Play. Can you make more about that, please?
Hey, Trevor! I'm happy you enjoyed that article. Hannah wrote it, so I'll share your message with her! And yes, we will keep making articles that share news about international events that celebrate and teach about important topics. I'm curious -- what did you like so much about that article?
Russell Kahn
Hey, Russ! I was wondering if you know the different categories or levels on hurricanes? I’m super interested in hurricanes and I would love to know more for my natural disasters project in school.
Hey, Cara! Hurricanes are categorized from levels 1 through 5. Each level has different wind speeds and storm surges, as well as the amount of damage that they could do. You can learn more about hurricanes and other natural disasters on News-O-Matic. Try using the search feature to find related articles!
Russell Kahn
Hey Russ. You write a lot about Taylor Swift but not a lot about other famous people. Could you maybe write some stuff about other famous singers? I would love it so much!!!
I hear you loud and clear, Kylie! It's important to write stories about many types of singers. Recently we covered news about Beyonce, Elton John, and a singer named Nemo. Who are your favorite singers? 🎀
Russell Kahn
Hi Russ, I really enjoy reading all these articles. I also hope you have a good day.
Thanks for saying that, Jayden! I really appreciate your note. I'm wishing you a great day too.
Russell Kahn
Hey, Russ. Can you get some more Disney World articles? I love Disney. I've been there so many times I can't remember a number. It is so fun. Disney articles would be so fun to read. I've read every single article you have about Disney. I would love some more.
Hey, Lila. I hope you'll be happy to hear that we have another Disney article coming out soon! Keep checking with News-O-Matic to read about some news for Disneyland!
Russell Kahn

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