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Hello Russ, my name is Brayden and I’m in the 6th grade! I love all the news you send out. It’s amazing! Have a great day.
Nice to meet you, Brayden. I appreciate your kind words very much.
Russell Kahn
Hi Russ. I like the clapping record article. It’s pretty silly they made that thing up! Cheers to all your articles,
Haha, yeah, I liked that story too, Hadley. The pictures really made me laugh! Take care!
Russell Kahn
Hey Russ! I’m Rowling and in 3rd grade, I really love News-O-Matic😄 and my favorite thing is the Barbie dolls story. Your videos are so good. I love News-O-Matic!😄
Thanks for writing, Rowling! And it's really nice to know which story you liked best. I hope you keep reading for many more years!
Russell Kahn
Hello! I am Peyton and I'm in 4th grade. I loved the article about space photos. I hope you see the drawing I made! I love all of your articles, and I'm always excited when I get on News-O-Matic.
I loved your drawing, Peyton! Please keep sending us more artwork. I really enjoy seeing how you feel about the News-O-Matic stories.
Russell Kahn
Hi Russ, I was wondering what your favorite ice cream is.
I like almost every flavor of ice cream, Valeria. But I think my favorite flavor is mint chip! 🤤
Russell Kahn
Hi Russ!! I saw the VMA article and I thought it was cool that Shakira went crowd surfing, it's super funny. But my favorite artist didn't win an award for best visual effects on their music video, and it was their first nomination too!!!
Rey <3
That story told about a lot of amazing artists! I'm sorry that your favorite didn't win an award. But maybe they will next year!
Russell Kahn
Hi Russ! My name is Ashlynn! I am in 4th grade! I love all the news you send out. It is pretty cool. Thank you! Have a great day!
Thank you for writing your special note, Ashlynn. I appreciate your message very much. Have a great day too!
Russell Kahn
I liked the story about the star photos. Can you make more star ones? Thank you.
I loved that article too, Thea! (I enjoy every space science story!) I will try to write another article about stars for you! 💫
Russell Kahn
Hey Russ thanks for visiting Texas for "50 States in 50 Weeks." Make sure to try the BBQ! In fact you should do an article on it.
That's a great idea, Jimmy! Maybe we should do a full article about the culture of barbecue. 😋 Thanks for telling me about it!
Russell Kahn
Hi Russ. It’s Hadley again. I was wondering what’s the best article that you think you love most?
That is a TOUGH question, Hadley! I love so many News-O-Matic articles. 😊 Today I wrote about new piñata stamps, and I really enjoyed speaking to the artist who drew the designs. So, that was my favorite today!
Russell Kahn
Hey Russ, I am in 4th grade. I really like like this game. It is the bright side of my day when I get to play it!
Wow! That note really made me happy to hear. Thank you so much for taking the time to write, AC. 😊
Russell Kahn
Hello! I'm Trinitee! I'm in 3rd grade and loving the story about the new iPhone 15! Keep up the great work! Also the 9/11 one was sad.
Thanks for reading, Trinitee. We like to share big updates from the tech world. Yes, some of our stories are sad. But we think they are important to learn about.
Russell Kahn
Hey Russ, I’m Hayes. I liked the article about the snake that can collapse his spine to break the egg. That is really cool! 🐍
I also enjoyed that story, Hayes. It is so much fun to learn new (and weird) facts about animals. That's why we do so many animal articles!
Russell Kahn
Hey Russ my name is Tonatiuh. I am in 5th grade I love all your articles!!!
Nice to meet you, Tonatiuh. Which stories are your favorites? I always like to know what readers like you enjoy the most! Have a great year in 5th grade!
Russell Kahn
Hi Russ!!! My name is Mady and I am in 5th grade. I love your games and your stories. Me and my friends spend almost everyday on this game! SO glad you made this game!! :)
Mady 💗
Hiya, Mady! I am SO glad that you and your friends enjoy News-O-Matic! Can you tell them "Hi!" from me? I hope your crew keeps sharing notes with me.
Russell Kahn
Hi Russ my my name is Mckinley. This is my first time on here. I have played some games on here and now I am writing to you. I have been loving these games. They are so fun!
Welcome to News-O-Matic, Mckinley! I'm so glad you discovered us. 😊 The stories (and games) change every day. So, be sure to keep coming back to learn more!
Russell Kahn
Hi, Russ. I'm in 4th grade and I like your news. Pls get some more.
I'm so glad to hear that, Atara! I have good news for you. There will more stories every day! Just check News-O-Matic at 5 PM (EST) each weekday.
Russell Kahn
Hi Russ the story on 9-11 is and forever will be heartbreaking, but it is a good thing we remember it. Also my mom was born on 9-11.
Well said, Nicolas. The story of 9/11 is painful, but it is a story that we need to continue to tell. Thank you for sharing your reaction. And happy birthday to your mom.
Russell Kahn
Hello Russ. I like what you put on the news. Some sad but happy. I love you.
The news should reflect the real world, Za'Drian. And just like life, some stories are happy and some are sad. We try to make sure that every article teaches something important! Thank you for reading. I hope to hear from you again.
Russell Kahn
Hi Russ. I am in 3rd grade and I like all your articles. I think you should make some about music. Do you have allergies? I do, and they are very annoying. I am allergic to milk and eggs. Maybe you should make an article about allergies.
Thanks for writing, Hadley. I agree that we should do more music stories. Which musicians are your favorite? I am lucky that I don't have allergies. We have written a few articles about them. Type "allergy" in our search to see older stories in our archives!
Russell Kahn

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