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News-O-Matic is the complete digital literacy solution for students' nonfiction reading needs. It includes:

  • Original, relevant, high-interest texts published every weekday (52 weeks/year)
  • More than 13,000 articles — each at various Lexile text levels (400L–1000L)
  • Correlations for every article to state and national standards
  • Cross-curricular connections in ELA, social studies, science, and SEL
  • Authentic “Read-to-Me” recordings from real voice actors
  • Safe, age-appropriate content vetted by a child psychologist
  • Translations by native speakers in Spanish, French, Arabic, and Mandarin (text & audio)
  • Thousands of comprehension questions and thought-provoking discussion prompts
  • Multimedia tools for students, including videos, infographics, polls, and interactive maps
  • A rich content library with thematic units to support classroom instruction
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